Inspiration for Transformation

#MeToo Merinda

Merinda CDThe recent spotlight on the harassment of women in the workplace and the #MeToo movement emphasize the importance of women regaining their power and using their voice to stand up for themselves and protect themselves. Too often, the process of suppressing ourselves starts when we are children. We are encouraged to “be good,” “obey authority figures,” and “fall in line–don’t make waves.” Life is easier when we comply. That external voice overrides our internal voice. The expectations override our inner desires. Along the line our Spirit gets broken.

It is never too late to gain or regain your voice. It is never too late to regain your vision and your inner strength. It is never too late to realize your power and the power of choice.

Merinda and the Magic Mirror: A Tiny Tale of Transformation for all Ages is a story about a little girl, just like that little girl in all of us, who has been pushed around by the world. She has a magnificent realization of her own power and worth and takes back her voice and her dignity. The book lets us know it is okay to do this, and the exercises and meditations in the back gently lead the reader through the process for themselves.

Merinda is a book for all ages. Parents and Grandparents can use the guide in the back with their daughters and granddaughters. It is one way to ensure that our children will not have #MeToo moments and wish they had done something different. Women of all ages can use the guide for themselves, and put their own lives and experiences into perspective.

Women, take a good look at your life! Where can you take back your voice? Where do you really NEED to take back your voice? Do you know how? Just ask Merinda!


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