Inspiration for Transformation


Will you publish my book?

Probably not! We accept very few of the proposals offered. We do not publish children’s books or fiction. We do publish books that are uplifting, informative, and/or practical with universal themes or books that fit specific niche markets. We do print on demand, which means that no niche market is too small if we like your book.

Where are your books available?

You can order our books from our website store,, or from any of the major online booksellers like,,, etc. They can be ordered through brick and mortar bookstores if you give them the ISBN number.

Bookstores and libraries can order our books from Ingrams/Baker and Taylor or directly from Productivity Publications. Contact us through the website or by phone and we will give you information.

Do you have special pricing for bulk purchases?

Yes! We are happy to work with you to meet your needs. Contact Kay Whipple at 585-392-3601 for specifics.

Can you put me in touch with one of your authors?

Maybe. If you are a telemarketer trying to sell something, all bets are off, although a couple of our authors like to have great fun frustrating telemarketers. For purposes related to the topic of the book, requests for speaking engagements, workshops, booksignings, or for the author’s public speaking schedule, we do make the connection.

What services do you offer ?

We do editing jobs and web content writing and editing jobs unrelated to the books we are publishing. Those are bid as hourly rates depending on the job.

Do you have any other new products or services on the way?

Yes! Both Productivity Publications and its sister company, Webs and Wings (  have new offerings coming up. Keep an eye on both websites for the exciting news as it happens.

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